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Outdoor pests can quickly turn a relaxing day outside into a nightmare. Has your property become a breeding ground for beetles, spiders, wasps, flies and other pesky insects? Bug Guy Pest Control is your go-to source for effective exterior home pest control in Green Bay, WI. We'll reclaim your backyard for you and your family.

Creepy crawlies don't wait for the most convenient time to strike. We offer same-day and emergency insect control services to give you immediate relief.

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Every pest problem is unique. That's why our insect control services are tailored specifically to your property. We'll keep pests away as long as possible by:

  • Spraying around the entire perimeter of your home
  • Paying close attention to your siding, bushes, shrubs and lawn
  • Educating you on the best practices to avoid future infestations
Simple tips like getting rid of any puddles, ponds or standing water can make a huge difference. Ask us about our long-lasting yard barrier spray for just $50 a month.