Contact us today for a powerful mosquito control spray in Green Bay, WI

Mosquitos are relentless pests that can ruin any outdoor occasion. Are swarms of mosquitos keeping you from enjoying your backyard? Don't let the summer go to waste. Reach out to Bug Guy Pest Control for professional mosquito control services in the Green Bay, WI area.

Even the most effective store-bought products can only keep mosquitos away for a short time. Instead of covering yourself head-to-toe in chemicals every day, turn to the local experts for a better solution.

Our mosquito control services are fast and affordable. Call us today to speak with a trained professional about your mosquito issues.

Why should you consider regular mosquito control spray?

Our mosquito control spray is recommended on a regular basis through June, July, August and September. In just 20 minutes, our spray will:

  • Kill any mosquito larvae around your home
  • Protect the entire perimeter of your property
  • Keep mosquitos away for up to a month
Stop mosquitos before they ever have a chance to hatch. You can choose to use our mosquito control spray on a selected area or your entire property. Speak with us today to learn more.